Users can save Document Full Table views which will automatically transfer to the Reports Module Dashboard.

Click on the Reports Module from the Main Dashboard:


Reports Module

reports 1.png

1. My Saved Reports: You can see the reports that you have saved, or the reports that you have shared. If you delete a report from your saved report library that you created and then shared with another user, the report will remain in the other users report library.

2. Company Shared Reports: You can view any reports that you or someone else has shared with the entire company. If you created a report and shared it with the entire company, then you delete the report, it will disappear completely.

3. "Screen_Shot_2018-08-02_at_10.11.36_AM.png": By clicking, a box will pop up that will allow you to edit the report name, description, and change the visibility of the report. Reports can be visible to your eyes only or the whole company.

4. "Screen_Shot_2018-08-02_at_10.09.05_AM.png": By clicking, you are able to share this report with another individual user.  You can also create a message about the report

5. "Screen_Shot_2018-08-02_at_11.44.56_AM.png": Clicking on this will delete the report

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