We are pleased to announce Major Release 2018.1.  The main focus of this release (in order of significance/impact):

  • Expand localization to include English, Chinese, French, Spanish and Italian
  • A second update to Training Status. Recently we updated the % Compliant calculation to include any users who are Green or Yellow (since they are technically compliant). This works well on the main dashboard, but it causes some confusion in other places, e.g. the document level.  So we have removed the % calculation there and instead added data to show for each document # users that are assigned, past due, compliant, at risk and completed.  This last item is critical because it will indicate for retired documents or for newly approved documents how many have actually completed training on it.  

    Now you can get exactly the information you need for internal reporting.
  • Significant performance improvements to dashboard, documents full table and keyword search, and controlled printing service. 
  • Continue our evolution with the new navigation, including a newly styled PDF viewer

There are a number of minor improvements and bug fixes worth reviewing below.

Validation/Deployment Details

  • This announcement plus the email to all active admin users counts as our formal announcement for the release.  
  • We plan to deploy at the weekend of 30-Mar-2018-- we will fix a time shortly.  Please email help@zenqms.com as soon as possible if this causes any issues for your team-- we would expect some slowness or possible down time during deployment.    
  • Deployment (as always) is handled by the ZenQMS team-- so don't worry. 
  • About those Xs in the release notes title: clients have asked us to include the source code build ID in these release notes.  We will do so post deployment-- this will match the version ID in production.
  • All changes will be available for you to access and test at test.zenqms.com starting 9-March, which was reset to production data in late November.  Please email help@zenqms.com if you have any problems.  
  • This release is being managed under change control #15326 and a full set of validation documents will be published and added to the auditor share as it is approved.  



NOVA-1 App Internationalization and Localization
NOVA-20 New Navigation V2
NOVA-21 Custom PDF.js Wrapper
NOVA-22 Custom Tab Header
NOVA-23 Unsaved work flag on new nav
NOVA-26 Error handling for adding new items
NOVA-32 PDF.js continued enhancements to viewing/security
NOVA-35 Nova: Rollbar Error Tracking Integration
NOVA-41 When a tab is closed, the parent tab should be focused
NOVA-51 Quick Links
ZENQ-2219 Controlled printing service improvements (locklizard)
ZENQ-2691 Documents: Full table - performance improvements
ZENQ-2826 PDF: Fix embedding of PDFs with dynamic XFA form
ZENQ-2868 Dashboard Refresh Improvements
ZENQ-2904 Keep session alive calls throttling
ZENQ-2911 Training Compliance Improvements
ZENQ-2912 Home > Documents: slow performance



NOVA-33 Navigation: Tab content is truncated upon login
NOVA-48 Documents Dashboard: Table titles not correct for New documents assignments / Documents with new comments
ZENQ-2717 Izenda: Reports individually shared with users from same member will not open
ZENQ-2874 API restricted IPs not working with load balancer
ZENQ-2896 Migration: Create Custom fields allows more than 20 custom fields to be migrated for same placement
ZENQ-2897 Migration: Create Custom fields does not handle correctly the "Display order" field
ZENQ-2898 Migration: Import Custom Fields List Values should fail if the custom field has a different type than "Multi-Select" or "Member defined dropdown"
ZENQ-2899 Migrated Category Workflows launch out of order
ZENQ-2910 Training Records migration issues
ZENQ-2932 Data migration: Links to files do not work
ZENQ-2933 Data migration: lengthy migrations throw an error
ZENQ-2939 Full tables: searching for keywords will trigger an additional refresh of table

(project in ("ZenQMS Flagship", Nova, Endurance, Lumen) AND type in (Improvement, Bug) AND status in ("Development in Progress", "In Code Review", "In Review", "Ready for Testing","testing in progress", Closed) AND resolution in (Unresolved, Done, Fixed) AND fixVersion = 2018.1) OR (project in ("ZenQMS Flagship", Nova, Endurance, Lumen) AND type in (Improvement, Bug) AND labels in (Ready-To-Develop) AND resolution in (Unresolved, Done, Fixed) AND fixVersion = 2018.1) ORDER BY issuetype ASC, key ASC


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  • Updated to include descriptions of Improvements.

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  • The following items were added to the release: 

    The following items were either converted to tech tasks or removed from the release:

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  • There have been some more adjustments to the release based on ongoing testing

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