1. Create a document called Lesson 3 Document - [your last name] in the document category that you created in Lesson #2. Fill out all required fields.
    • Example:
      • Lesson 3 Document - Lawrence
  2. Select "Launch Approval Workflow"
  3. Select yourself as the workflow step approver
    • Note: you are currently logged into your Sandbox with your primary email address to complete this assignment. Please select your primary email address instead of your "training+[your first name-your last name]" address for the approver. If you select the training email address, you will not see a signature assigned to you in your Dashboard. That is a different user than the one you are logged in with.
  4. Approve the document by signing to complete the workflow
  5. Navigate to your Dashboard to complete the category workflow signature.

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  1. For your created document, launch the review process and select that the item must be updated
  2. For the new draft, upload a new revision and complete the required fields, don’t launch the approval workflow

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  1. For your created draft (from Reviewing Documents), launch the draft review process and add the user that you created in Lesson #1 as the reviewer

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