Note: Document visibility and accessibility is configured at the document category level.


The Documents Dashboard gives you an instant and detailed view into the state of all documents you are the owner of and lists all of your documents that are due for periodic review and also lists documents that have overdue or coming due target approval dates:

docs dashboard.png


Documents Dashboard Icons


There are five icons on the documents dashboard:

docs dashboard.png

My Documents Dashboard: All documents that you are the owner of.

My Direct Reports Dashboard: Documents that are owned by your direct reports.

My Company Dashboard: Company wide document information is here.

Documents Full Table: Access to the account's documents full table. 

Documents Archive Table: Access to the account's archived documents. 


Document Pipeline


The Pipeline bar chart is for showing what items are past their review date (red bar) or have a review coming due between now and the end of the next month (yellow bars) or due in the 9 months after that (green bars not shown here).

doc pipeline.png




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