The following examples are for using Content Controls/Form Fields/ActiveX Controls to preserve the form functionality in exported PDF’s converted from doc/docx files.

Please download the attached word documents to see the examples:

  1. Supported editable forms in pdf converted from docx file guide.docx
  2. Supported editable forms in pdf converted from doc file guide.doc

Viewing and debugging Content Controls/Form Fields/ActiveX Controls in doc/docx files:

Content Controls

In order to view the Content Controls in Microsoft Word for a .docx file you have to turn on the “Design Mode“ in the Developer tab:

Please note: Office for Mac does not have a Design Mode - that's a PC-only modality used for working with Content Controls which are not supported in the Mac version


The Content Control blocks will be displayed in the document:


Important note about Control Contents:

The editable blocks show up without the arrows in the content control, the ones with arrow that contain paragraphs/rich text will be rendered as static in the current version of Aspose Words (21.9).


Will be Editable: image-20240115-084749.png

Will NOT be Editable in PDF (Rendered Static): image-20240115-084901.png

Form Fields

In order to view the form field block in Microsoft word for a .doc/.docx file follow the steps below:

1. Open the document and press Ctrl+A to select all

2. Press Alt+F9 to toggle Field codes


In order to hide the form field block:

1. Press Ctrl+A to select all

2. Press Alt+F9 to hide Field codes

In order to convert the form fields to plain text:

1. Press Ctrl+A to select all while the form fields are visible

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+F9 to convert all text fields into text


Other Important notes:

  • The editable text fields (content control or form fields) are limited to only 1 line and the width/height/font style-size cannot be controlled in the resulting PDF.
  • None of the ActiveX controls preserve form functionality in the exported PDF, but will be rendered as static content.
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