If an item like a document has been assigned to you for review/signature, you will be notified via your daily summary email and on the Main Dashboard in the "Signatures needed" link.

  • Click on the link in the top right section of the Main Dashboard, and the drilldown action table will show the corresponding list of items awaiting your review/signature. 
  • Click the  icon to view the document within the page.  You can also click the hyperlinked title in the Item Name column to review item details.
  • Depending on the security settings of the document, you may be able click the  icon to download the item. 
  • Once you have reviewed you can click the  icon to approve the document or the  icon to reject the document after entering an electronic signature and/or a comment.  
  • Depending on the workflow settings, you may also be able to delegate the signature with the  icon.
  • An important note regarding E-signatures.  
    • Signatures in ZenQMS are part 11/Annex 11 compliant. 
    • Your first signature after you log in will require you to enter both your ID and password or PIN.  Other signatures in the same session will only require a password or PIN.  
    • Standard users will enter a UserID (email address) and password
    • SSO users who can e-sign in our app will have to re-authenticate using their normal SSO credentials
    • SSO users who are not set up to e-sign will be emailed a 5-digit PIN that can be used in lieu of a password (See below)
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