NOTE: Users will need the permission "Can See All Change Controls (Read Only Access)" at the Change Control category level to perform these steps.

When exporting a Change Control, you have options on what should be included in the PDF export and what you would like left out.

To export a Change Control, find the item you would like to export, drill down by clicking on the Change Control ID in the full table:


Once you open the Change Control you would like to export, navigate to the upper right hand corner of the item and click on the 3 dots. From the dropdown, choose the "Export" option:


A slider will appear and you will be able to choose the section/stages you want included in the export. You will also have the option to include all tasks and attachments or not include them:


NOTE: If you have attachments attached in the "Details" section and do not have "Details" checked but have included attachments, those attachments in the details section will not be included in the export.

As a reminder, when exporting a Change Control, the PDF export will display the current stage the Change Control is in on all pages.

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