NOTE: Users will need the permission "Can Create, View, and be Assigned as Owners on SCORM Courses" to set a training grace period a SCORM Training item.

Training grace period (days) are added/edited in the "General" section of SCORM training items. When a SCORM training item is initially created (draft), it will have a default grace period (days) of "0". This can simply be deleted and a new number can be added:

scorm grace period.png

Once the SCORM .zip file is successfully added and the training grace period (days) are filled in, the SCORM training item can be approved for use:

scorm approve.png

All Roles/Users assigned to a SCORM training item to complete will have a due date based on the training grace period (days) that is set at the item level. Once users are assigned to a SCORM Training item, they will have a notification on their Main Dashboard Training Pie Chart to complete the training item:



To update the training grace period (days) for an "Active" SCORM training item, navigate to the "General" Section of the item, delete current number, add new value, and refresh the page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Roles/Users will need to be unassigned/reassigned to the SCORM Training Item to reflect the due date in relation to the new training grace period (days).


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