Here are some tips and tricks to get started with SCORM, coming in our 2023.3 release.

Where do I start?

You will first need a SCORM file. ZenQMS is able to host your SCORM packages, however, these packages will still need to be created outside of ZenQMS using a SCORM content builder.

If you are unsure if you want to start using SCORM, at the bottom of this article you can find a sample SCORM file to use to test out the feature in ZenQMS.

What types of SCORM files does ZenQMS Support?

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, & 4th Editions)
  • AICC
  • xAPI
  • cmi5
  • LTI

Some more information on getting started with a SCORM file can be found here, however, we recommend referencing your SCORM builder software for a full guide on how to create SCORM files: Introducing SCORM Supported Training in ZenQMS

Who has access to getting this setup in ZenQMS?

Users with the permission “Can Create, View, and be assigned as Owners on SCORM”. The Administration Account Super Users have all been provided this permission automatically. To give this permission to other roles, please select the role and click on “Click here to manage Documents, Training, Audit Reports and Other System Permissions”.

SCORM Permission.png

You have your SCORM file ready to go. Now what?

You will first want to test the SCORM package in your Sandbox environment prior to your production environment.

            ARTICLE: How to Create a SCORM Training

            ARTICLE: Assigning Users to SCORM Training

            ARTICLE: How to Complete a SCORM Training Item

Once the package is approved, assign the SCORM training to a few users and have them run through the training. Does the file flow through smoothly? Does the file successfully take the user throughout the training? Are there any typos and are all the answers correct?

Did you find any errors? If so, you’ll need update this within your SCORM builder software. If you are unsure what might be wrong, we recommend referencing your SCORM builder software’s support guide.

If no errors are found, you are good to proceed to uploading to production.


Setting up SCORM in Production

Your SCORM file is uploaded as a draft, what now?

To approve your SCORM file and make it active, you’ll need to click on Actions > Approve.

SCORM Sign Off.pngYou will find the workflow at the bottom of the page below the SCORM table.

SCORM Workflow.png

ARTICLE: Approval Workflows for SCORM Trainings

When can I assign trainees?

Once the SCORM file is approved, you can assign trainees.

ARTICLE: Assigning Users to SCORM Training

When will the users need to complete their training?

The training will be due the day that the users are assigned.

I need the users to retrain on the SCORM file. How do I accomplish this?

Every time a SCORM file is up-versioned within the system, the users assigned previously will be reassigned and asked to retrain on the new version.


Sample SCORM Package: 

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