Issues Module: Issues Full Table Overview

To access the Issues Module Full Table, navigate to the Issues Module from the Main Dashboard:

issues module.png

Once on the Issues Module Dashboard, click on the "Full Table" (issues full table.png) icon:

issues full table 1.png

The Issues "Full Table" can by customized by selecting the mceclip3.png in the upper left corner. You can add/remove data columns for your table view:

issues 1.png

The Issues "Full Table" can also be filtered by Category, by selecting the Category you would like to view from the "All Categories" drop down:

issues cat.png

Once selecting a category from the dropdown, you are able to add custom fields that are configured for that Issue Category to the "Full Table" view:

(In the example below, for the category "General Issue", I have an account custom field added to the "General Issue" category configuration that is titled "CAPA Required?". I can add that custom field column to the Issues "Full Table" once I select the "General Issue" category from the dropdown)

issues cat account custom fields search.png


  • You can save the Table Views by following the instructions in this video: Saving Table Views for Issues Full Table
  • To use the Advanced Filter feature, please follow the instructions found here: Advanced Filters for the Issues, Change Control, and Tasks Full Tables
  • The "Full Table" or "current table view" can be exported by clicking on the "Export" button and you can then choose whether you want a CSV or Excel.  Once downloaded it will go to your "My Downloads".  This document will remain in the "My Downloads" tab for 30 days.  You can access your "My Downloads" folder by clicking on the green plus at the top of the page:

issues my downloads.png






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