To access the Issues Module Dashboard, navigate to the Issues Module from the Main Dashboard:



The Issues Main Dashboard, by default, will show all of your issues. Issues that are listed on Your Issues Dashboard are Issues that you have been assigned to or own:



All Issue Dashboards display a bar chart that first starts with a column labeled past due. The following bar columns are months, starting with the current, and going out 11 months.

NOTE: For reference, red represents past-due required Issue actions, yellow represents at-risk required Issue actions, and green represents closed/completed required Issue actions: 



In order to complete any assignment or action required, click on any red or yellow bars displayed. Next, click on the Issues key that is hyperlinked.  When you click on it, the application will take you right to the action that is needed within that Issue (ie: e-signature). If the item is in a bar that is green, clicking the key will direct you into the Issue, but no action will be required:


Based on permissions, users can also view the Direct Reports Issues Dashboard, the Whole Company's Issues Dashboard, and/or the Issues Full Table by clicking one of the icons highlighted below:


direct : Direct Reports Issues Dashboard whole: Whole Company Issues Dashboard issues: Issues Full Table

The Direct Reports - Issues Dashboard & the Whole Company - Issues Dashboard function the same as the "Your Issue Dashboard" as outlined above 

To learn about the issues Issues: Full Table please click: Issues Module: Issues Full Table





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