Here are some tips and tricks for getting started using the new features that are coming with 2023.2:

  1. We are introducing Document Notifications! Please make sure to notify your users to log in to their ZenQMS account and update their notification settings.
    • This can be done by going to Settings > User Profile: Notifications. From here, users can set the frequency at which they receive their notifications.
    • ABOUT: Document Notifications
  2. As we start to move forward with the Document Module overhaul, we are introducing Document Key IDs.
    • ABOUT: Document Key ID and Key Starting Number
    • This will not replace the Document ID. You will now have two ways to ID your document.
    • When you log in, you will be able to update the Key but not the Key starting number.
      • The Key will show as “MIG” short for Migration. “MIG” can be updated to a key that would fit the documents in your category (SOP, WI, etc). Certain special characters like dashes can also be used (example: SOP-QA).
      • The Key Starting Number for existing documents is based off the order the document was migrated in or created in ZenQMS
    • To add the Key ID to your Documents Full Table, please go to “Customize” and click and drag the column in
    • This field is not a custom field and cannot be added to the header at this time.
    • When a draft document is deleted, the Key ID associated with this document will not be able to be reused
    • When a document is moved from one category to another, it will get a new Key ID based on the new category. The previous Key ID will be removed from the sequence.
    • The ability to utilize the Key ID when using the dashboards and viewing the Training Dossiers will come in a future release.
  3. Document ID and Key ID can now be added to the Document Archive. To make use of these fields, please go into the Archive and customize your table view.
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