NOTE: Users will need the permission "Can Create/Manage Document Categories & "User/Editor Access Rights" with "Category Editor" set to "Yes" for both document categories to perform these steps.

Key IDs and key numbering  are now available for document categories and documents in the Documents Module. Key IDs allows users to choose unique prefixes for document categories, (ex: SOP, TRN) which will be applied to all documents in that category:


Users, with the permissions listed above, have the ability to move a document to another document category which will assign the document to the Key ID that is configured for the document category the document is moving to. The previously assigned Key ID for the document in the old document category will be lost and can not be used again.

Please watch the demo below for instructions on how to change a document to another category and see how Key IDs are affected when doing so:

NOTE: This logic is true when deleting a document from a document category as well. When a user deletes a document from a category, the Key ID that was originally assigned to this document will be deleted and CAN NOT be used again.

All category changes made to documents are captured in the document audit trail at the document level:


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