NEW How To Add Key IDs & Key Starting #s on the Migration Template

Key IDs are assigned to document categories on the "Category Settings" tab of the migration template. The Key ID added for a document category will be applied to all documents assigned to this document category.


In Column B of the template, enter the name of the Key ID you would like to assign to the document category listed in Column A:



1. Key IDs have a 25 character limit

2. Allowed special characters: Single Quote ( ' ), Double Quote ( " ), Dash ( - ), and Underscore ( _ )

3. Key IDs must be unique and can only be used once

4. Key IDs can be edited once a document category is created


In Column C of the template, enter the key starting number for the Key ID. Key starting numbers must start with, at minimum, the number "1" when creating a new category key:


All of the documents listed on the template under the "Documents" tab that are assigned to the same document category will be assigned the same Key ID and will be assigned the next key starting number available:


Documents Listed on the Template in the Same Document Category:


How The Example Data is Displayed in the Application:


NOTE: It is IMPORTANT that all documents listed on the migration template are in the EXACT order as you would like the Key IDs to be assigned for all documents in EACH document category. As shown in the above example, the order of the documents listed on the template for this document category is the same order the Key IDs were assigned. If you are migrating in retired versions and an effective version of THE SAME DOCUMENT, list the retired versions first, in order of version numbers, so that the Key IDs are assigned correctly. See below for an example:









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