Approval Workflows for SCORM Trainings

NOTE: Users will need the permission "Can Create, View, and be Assigned as Owners on SCORM Courses" 

The approval workflow configurations are triggered once a user approves a draft SCORM Training Item:


Clicking on the "approve" button triggers a workflow approver slider box:


The owner(s) of the SCORM Training Item will be the first approvers that will need to sign. Additional approval workflow steps can be added by clicking "add another step":


Fill in the Step Name and the Action Type (which can be either "needs to sign" or "needs to view"):


Add the signature reason and select the authorized user to complete this approval step:


If additional approval steps are needed, click on "add another step". If the approval workflow configurations are completed, click in "launch approval workflow":


After clicking "launch approval workflow", a success banner will appear at the top of the screen stating that the workflow was successfully launched. The workflow information will populate at the bottom of the screen. Users can cancel the approval workflows for the SCORM Training Course by clicking "cancel workflows and revert to this phase":


Once the SCORM Training Course is active, users can upverison or retire the course, if needed in the future:





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