Note: Users will need the permission Configuration: Issues 


Issue Category permissions are configured in the Issue Category itself. Each categories' permissions can be configured differently. All category permissions can be configured when the issue is in a draft state and also when the category is active

To find category permission settings for an Issue Category, from the Main Dashboard, navigate to Settings - Configuration - Issues:



From the list of issue categories, select the category you would like to configure the permissions for by clicking on the hyperlinked name of the category:



In the General Settings of this category, next to Roles/Permissions for all Versions, click on Manage Roles/Permissions. When doing so, the permissions slider box will appear on the righthand side of the screen:


Here, in the slider, are all permissions that can be granted to roles for this specific issue category: 



1. Can Edit All Settings in this Category: Users can edit configurations, create new versions, and retire versions of this category

2. Can See All Issues (Read Only Access): Users can see all Issues in this category on the Issues Full Table. Users will need this permission to be selected as a project/stage/task assignee. 

3. Can Edit Active Stage of Any Issue: Users can edit any stage of the Issue, including adding tasks, stage assignees, links, attachments, etc. 

4. Can Edit Completed Stages of Any Issue (Super Editor): Users can access the Super Editor Access to open any completed stages for editing. 

5. Can Create New Issues: Users can create Issues from this category. If they do not have this permission, this Issue category option will not be listed from the dropdown when logging a new Issue. 

6. Can Delete Issues: Users can access the delete feature

7. Can Cancel All Signatures and Revert to Prior Stage: Users can open previously closed stages, make changes, and revert approval signatures to complete the approval process again.

8. Can Delegate Signatures for Any Active Workflow: Users can delegate the approval signatures that are required for an active workflow to be completed.

9. Can Approve Stage/Task Due Date Extensions: Users can approve stage or task due date extensions if requested.

10. Receives Escalation Notices for Past Due Stages/Tasks: Users will receive this notice if they are the stage assignee, task assignee, task owner, and/or project assignee. Even if they have completed their part and other users were assigned to that task/stage as well but did not complete it yet, these users will still receive an escalation notice.  

11. Can Access Audit Trail Data for Items in this Category: Users with this permission can access the audit trail that is located on the Issue itself if they are project assignees. To access the audit trail, users will click on the 3 dot symbol and select "Audit Trail"

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