NOTE: Users will need the permission "Can Create/Manage Document Categories to perform these steps.

Key IDs and key starting numbers are now available for document categories and documents which can be configured  in the Documents Module. This feature allows you to choose your own unique prefix for the Document Category you are creating, (ex: SOP, TRN) which will be applied to all documents in that category.



When creating a new document category, you will create the key id which will be applied to all documents assigned to this document category: 



1. Key IDs have a 25 character limit

2. Allowed special characters: Single Quote ( ' ), Double Quote ( " ), Dash ( - ), and Underscore ( _ )

3. Key IDs must be unique and can only be used once

4. Key IDs can be edited once a document category is created

5. Key starting numbers must start with, at minimum, "1" when creating a new category key

6. The application generates a "Document Key-ID Preview" when a key id and key starting number are entered for the new document category:


After clicking "Create", in the document category management/review window, you can view the Key ID information for this category which includes:

1. The Key ID

2. The next document Key ID number that will be assigned for a new document added to this category

3. The document Key ID preview (key name - next key number)


Important: The next document Key ID number available at the document category level updates in real time in the document category management window. The number displayed on the Document Key-ID Preview line will be the next Key ID number given to a document that is assigned to this document category:


Need Help? See Demo Here:



Initially, all of your CURRENT document categories will have a key id starting with the letters "MIG". For example, MIG1, MIG2, so on. MIG stands for "migration" as we, here at ZenQMS, performed the initial migration of the Keys. The number directly following the MIG (for example: MIG1, or MIG2) is the order number in which the document categories were initially created in the application. In the example below, all documents shown have a Key ID of "MIG4". The category shown below, Best Practices Guidelines, is the fourth document category that I originally created in this account and that is why the "4" is displayed. The key numbering that is assigned after the Key (for example: MIG4-5) assigned by the order that the documents were initially migrated into the application:


Important Note: These document categories will need to be updated on your end to reflect your document category names. If you need a current document category report ran to assist in changing the migrated in Key IDs, please submit a HELP DESK TICKET and we will gladly provide the report. 

Please see the demo below with instructions on how to update your default Key IDs:

NOTE: All changes made to the Key IDs are captured in the document category audit trail:









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