We are simplifying the Vendor management process: Audits: Watch List is now renamed to Audits: Vendor List and contains the list of all vendors that either have an audit attached or have values set for any of the custom fields defined by member in the vendor/supplier qsheet (we are no longer relying on labels for managing the vendors). Also, the “# Audits in ZenQMS” column was updated to display the total number of audits created by current member for a specific vendor (as opposed to the total number of audits created by ANY ZenQMS member for that specific vendor).


From the Audits Dashboard, you will now see Audits: Vendor List from the dropdown options (replacing Audits: WatchList).


How will my vendors now appear on my vendor list?


Vendor/Suppliers no longer have to have an audit scheduled or a label associated in order for them to show up on your vendor list. The only qualifying pre-requisite is that there are custom field values populated in the vendor/suppliers qsheet.




As stated above, the column for # Audits in ZenQMS column will now show the number of audits that have been launched in your account for the vendor/supplier, not in ALL of ZenQMS.


If you were previously using labels, you will still see a column in your Vendor List table that include your labels. However, you will no longer be able to create new or edit existing labels. This column will be removed in a future release, but remains for now so that you can use your label data to create custom fields for future use.


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