Phase #3 of the migration focuses on adding historical training records, setting up training courses and training course assignments, and getting to a finalized state on the tabs introduced in Phase #1 and Phase #2. This phase is usually completed fairly quickly relative to Phase #2. By the end of this phase, your sandbox environment should be complete and you should be ready to attempt a migration into the Production environment. Please review the videos below which will guide you on how to fill out each tab (color coded green) before filling out the template. Once you have reviewed the videos, please fill out all the green tabs on the template. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Project Manager. Once the tabs are completed for this phase, send the finalized template, saved with the current date, to your Project Manager for review and to guide you on the next steps.

Training Records

In this tab, you will be entering all historical training records for users against all documents that you have migrated into the application in Phase #2. You will enter the user's email address, the date the training was completed, the document name and version number (which must match a version number that was migrated into the application), and a signature reason.

Important notes regarding adding training records:

  1. It creates a compliant training record with a training completion date in the user's training dossier for training completed on any document found in your Documents tab.
  2. Marks a user compliant on any assigned training for a document. Whether the user was assigned to train on a document at the document level or through a training course.
  3. Since you added a Training Record with a completion date, the assigned users retraining interval for retraining on that document starts on that completion date. Meaning, if a documents retraining interval is set to 12 months, then the user's due date for completing training is 12 months from that last completion date.
  4. If you have users that have completed training on documents that you are migrating, and you do not want them to have to train on these items again when you go-live, you will need to create a training record for these training items in the Training Records tab.

Please follow along with the video below to fill out this tab.



Course Template

In this tab, you have the opportunity to create training courses for Roles and/ or individual users. You will enter the training course name, the course description, and training course editor information. Please follow along with the video below to fill out this tab.


Documents-Course Template

Now that you have created the training courses, you will add documents to these courses. These documents must be listed on your Documents Full Table and be effective documents that were migrated into the application during Phase #2. You will list the course name and the document names that are to be added to the courses. Please follow along with the video below to fill out this tab. 


Course Assignments

This is the final tab to be filled out in this phase. Once this tab is completed, you are finished with the migration template. In this tab, you will have the opportunity to assign the training courses that you have created to Roles and/or individual users. Please follow along with the video below to fill out this tab.



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