Phase #2 of the implementation focuses on the Documents Module configuration. For this phase, there will likely be multiple iterations to fine tune the main tabs and new settings. This is typically the phase that takes the most time. By the end of this phase, your Sandbox environment should be nearly ready to go with the exception of training. Please review the videos below which will guide you on how to fill out each tab (color coded purple) before filling out the template. Once you have reviewed the videos, please fill out all the purple tabs on the template. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Project Manager. Once the tabs are completed for this phase, send the finalized template, saved with the current date, to your Project Manager for review.


Document Category Settings

In this tab, you will be creating categories for all documents that you are bringing into ZenQMS. After the document categories are created, you will then create settings for these categories in this same tab. These settings include: deletion rules for documents, user training intervals, document review settings, training grace periods, document viewing/downloading settings, time stamp settings, and header settings. Please follow along with the video below to fill out this tab.

Note: There are now Key IDs that must be assigned to document categories when filling in the Document Category Settings tab on the migration template. Please see updated instructions on how to fill out the new columns, Key (Column B) & Key Starting # (Column C) in this tab: Key & Key Starting Number


Category Workflows

After the document categories are configured, the next step is to create the category workflows. Workflows are used when a document in ZenQMS is either added, revised, and/ or retired. These workflows can vary depending on the document category. You will assign the Roles that you created in Phase #1 as workflow participants to complete the workflows; you can assign Roles and/or individual users to sign off on a workflow step. Please follow along with the video below to fill out this tab.


Category Users

After creating the document categories and the category workflows for document journeys, you will now assign category users to the document categories. You can assign either Roles and/or individuals to different categories; the category users (either Roles or individuals) are assigned to specific document categories, which provides those users with accessibility to the documents within the specified category. You will set a few permissions, to either these Roles and/or individuals, in this tab in regards to what they can to do with documents in those document categories, such as being an editor, creator, or issuing controlled files. Please follow along with the video below to fill out this tab.


Custom Field Settings 

In this tab, you will create custom fields that can be located on documents, as well as, on audit reports, qsheets, and/or tests. You are allotted up to 20 custom fields. Custom fields are not mandatory, but a wonderful option to have. If you do not wish to create custom fields, please skip this step/tab. For documents, you are permitted to choose three custom fields to display on a ZenQMS generated header, if you are using one. We allow many custom field types, such as: member defined dropdown (single select), multi-select, integer, decimal, boolean (yes/no), short text, long text, date field, and URL. You have the option of making these custom fields required/not required. Please follow along with the video below to fill out this tab.


Custom Fields Pull Down Menu

If you have configured custom fields type of either member defined dropdown and/or multi-select in the previous tab, you will need to finish configuring those custom fields in this tab. For all other custom fields types, this tab is not needed. If you have created custom field types that are member defined dropdown and/or multi-select, please follow along with the video below to fill out this tab.



This is the final tab that needs fill out in Phase #2. You will add all documents that are being migrated into ZenQMS and all settings for these documents in this tab. You will fill in information, such as: the document name, version #, the category it will go in, the state of the document (approves/effective, retired, and/or draft), authors, header settings, security settings, effective dates, descriptions, training intervals, version comments, file names, and custom field values (if applicable). Please follow along the video below to fill out this tab.

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