Note: Users need the permission "Account Roles/Permissions" to manage account roles and/or permissions.


Account Roles and Permissions for Documents, Training, Administration, Issues, Change Controls, & Tasks are combined together into one section of the application. These roles and permissions can be created and/or managed by clicking on the Settings icon from the Main Dashboard:

settings icon.png

Select Roles/Permissions:

roles and permissions.png

To create a new role click Create Role:

create role.png


Adding/Editing Permissions for Roles

Click on the blue hyperlinked name of the role to open the permissions slider box on the right:

roles and permissions.png


Note: Permissions can not be added to the "All Account Users" role.


To edit/add permissions not related to the Documents and Training Modules, refer to the permissions here: 


Account Users: gives user access to the User Table

Account Custom Fields: allows user to create new account custom fields and manage existing

Account Modules: allows users to turn on and off account wide visibility for modules (Only Change Control & Tasks right now)

Account Roles/Permissions: allows users to create new roles and manage existing roles and the permissions given

Account API Settings: allows users to access the API settings for the Change Control, Issues, and Tasks

Account Single Sign On (SSO): allows users to access the Single Sign On settings 

Account Audit Trail: allows users to access the account wide audit trail

Configuration: Issues: users with this permission will be able to view Issue categories. Only users under the Administration: Account Super User role can create new categories

Configuration: Change Control: users with this permission will be able to view Change Control categories. Only users under the Administration: Account Super User role can create new categories

Configuration: Tasks: users with this permission will be allowed to create new Task Types

Import/Export Configurations: users with this permission can access the Import Export tool for Change Control and Issues


To add/edit permissions related to the Documents Module, Training Module, Audits Module, and Administration click the blue hyperlinked word here:

doc permissions.png


User Restricted to Audits, Observations, etc. From Their Site: as named

User Is Able To Edit Personal Information: as named

Can Access Vendor List: as named

Can Close Out Any Audit Report: as named 

Can Edit any Audit or Observation That User Has Access To: as named

Can Add New Supplier Sites: as named

Can Create New Audit Reports: as named

Can See all Audits or Observations: as named

Can Edit Settings for All Recurring Audits in Qsheet Future Audits section: as named

Member Administration/Configuration: can access the member, administration, configuration tabs

Super Admin: Has full Edit/Admin access to any Document, Course, Event, Test or Audit: full access to application

Site Administration/Management: can access the administration tab

User has Administrative Access to BI/Reports Tool for this Account: as named

Qsheet: Has Read/Write Access to Documents section: as named 

Qsheet: Can Access Forum & Documents: as named 

QSheet: Can Edit Qsheet/Snapshot Private Data Fields: as named 

Can Add New Controlled Files: can add new documents, needs additional access at category level

Can Create/Manage Document Categories: can create and edit document categories

Can Create/Manage New Training Courses: can create and edit training courses

Can Add New Training Events: can add and edit training events

Can See Training Records for Whole Company: as named

Can see Document Archive & Permanently Delete Eligible Items: as named 

Can Add New Tests: as named 

Can See & Edit All Tests: as named 

Can Certify Destruction of a Controlled Copy: as named 

Can See All Events: can see all training events on the training event full table

Can Set a Training Item as Compliant / Non-Compliant For Any User: as named

Can Create Personal Events for Other Users: as named

Can Edit any Events That User Has Access To: as named 

Can Add New OJT Events: as named

Can Create, View, and be Assigned as Owners on SCORM: as named, all users in the Administration: Account Super User role has this permission by default and this can not be altered 


Note: You can add or remove permissions in this window, but you can not create new roles or add/remove users from these roles in this window.



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