I want to congratulate you on completing the Super User Training! Before we start Phase One, I want to point out that all clients of ZenQMS will have two environments of the application: a sandbox environment and a production environment. During the implementation processes, you will be working in the sandbox environment. The sandbox environment is a staging area that's good for experimenting and playing around in so you can better understand how to use the different areas in the application. The production environment is the final environment that you will go live with and you will use as your Quality Management System. You and your Project Manager will be reviewing the sandbox environment during the implementation process. Please keep in mind that the sandbox is independent of the production environment and things in the sandbox do not affect the production account and vice versa. 

Now let's start the implementation process by completing Phase #1! Please review the videos below which will guide you on how to fill out each tab (color coded blue) before filling out the template. Once you have reviewed the videos, please fill out all the blue tabs on the template. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Project Manager. Once the tabs are completed for this phase, send the finalized template, saved with the current date, to your Project Manager for review. Add your company name and the migration Phase # in the subject line in the email to your Project Manager.

Migration Process/Template Purpose



User Group/Roles Settings & Permissions 


For Reference: Permissions Chart Overview

User Group/Role Assignments

User Custom Field Settings & User Custom Field Dropdown

For Reference: ZenQMS Implementation Process Overview



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