How to Mass Import Data to User Account Custom Fields

NOTE: Users need the permission "Import/Export Configuration" to mass import user account custom field data.

With the User Account Custom Fields feature, users can mass import data to multiple users' account custom fields. Please note that there needs to be at least one account custom field added to the Users table prior to this. Once this requirement is met:

1. Navigate to the "Import / Export" section under "Settings":

import export.png

2. Select "Users Custom Fields":

import export.png

3. Download the mass import template specific to your ZenQMS instance by clicking the "Download Template" button:

download template.png

4. When you open the template, you will see a column for User ID's and additional columns for all User Account Custom Fields you have added from the Users table. All columns will initially be blank. Fill out each row with the data that needs to be associated with each user:


5. Once you are done filling out the template, go back to the "Import / Export" section and select the "Import" button: 

import export.png

6. This will bring you to the "Import Users Custom Fields" window. Click on the "Browse" button, locate the mass import template you've filled out, and upload it to the system:

import export.png

7. The system will then validate the data. If all fields are correct, it will show the "All Fields Match" message. To finish importing the data, click on the "Finish" button:


Need help? Please watch the video below:

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