Note: Users need the permission "Account Users" to have access to the Users Table.


Account Custom Fields can be added to the Users Table after the custom fields have been created.


Adding a Custom Field to the Users Table

Navigate to the Users Table:


Click on Manage Custom Fields button:


A slider box will open on the right-hand side. Click on the dropdown next to the Choose an Account Custom Field field to add new Custom Fields to the Users Table. Once an Account Custom Field is added to the Users table, you will be able to add it as a column in your Users Table.:

account custom field.png

To remove an Account Custom Field from the Users table, hover over any of the Account Custom Fields already listed below the "Already selected Account Custom Fields" section. You will then be able to see a delete button (x) on the left-hand side of the name of the Account Custom Field. Click the icon to remove the custom field.:

account custom field.png


Updating an Account Custom Field on the Users Table

Once an Account Custom Field is added to the Users Table, you can update the field for users. To individually update a User Table Account Custom Field:

Click on the user's name in the Users Table:


Click on the User Custom Fields dropdown, which will show you all Account Custom Fields you can update for the user:

custom fields.png

Any changes made to the fields will be auto-saved, so you can close the slider window once you finish making the updates:

custom fields.png


Updating an Account Custom Field for Multiple Users on the Users Table

Select the users by clicking on the checkboxes next to their names in the Users Table:


Click the Group Actions dropdown menu. Select Edit Custom Field Values


A slider box will open. Click on the Find a Custom Field dropdown menu to select the custom field you are trying to update. Once you complete making updates, click on the Save button to finish updating the Account Custom Field:




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