Daily Digest Email

ZenQMS communicates new activity to Users through a Daily Digest summary email. This email is sent directly to the email address associated with the User's account.  It is not configurable currently.

In an effort not to over-communicate and cause email fatigue from ZenQMS, this email comes once daily to the user on days when there is new activity in the system and the user has not logged in within 24 hours. Users will get a daily email if the user has ANY workflow signatures or training past due. 

This Daily Digest is a digest of the activity in the system that is represented on a User's Dashboard. It will only represent activity on items that are assigned to --OR-- owned by the User. Examples of activity listed in a Daily Email Summary include assignments due for training, past due tasks (like Actions or Observations Responses), workflow signatures, and reports being shared with the user. 

In an effort not to over-communicate and cause email fatigue from ZenQMS, a single daily email will only be triggered if the user has not logged in within 24 hours and either one of the following conditions is met:

  • There is NEW 'activity' on an item linked directly to the user (per the above); or  
  • The user has ANY workflow signatures or assigned items 'past due', including training, document reviews, etc. 

For security reasons, Users will need to login to their ZenQMS account and review this activity through their Dashboard or complete any assigned tasks. No further information besides this high-level overview can be acquired through the Daily Email Summary. Users must login to the application to take their next steps. 

Here is an example: 


Daily Digest & Assigned Training

The daily digest does not get sent everyday, a user must meet certain training status criteria in order to receive a daily digest. 

A user will receive a daily digest if:

1. A training they have been assigned to becomes due between now and the end of the next month.  At this point the training goes from the "Compliant" state (even though they have not completed, they are still compliant) to the "At Risk" status.  They will receive a single daily digest on the day that they transition to the "At Risk" state.

2. They will receive a daily digest everyday if they have not yet completed a, "At Risk" or "New/Incomplete" training that is due within 7 days.  They will receive the daily digest everyday until they complete it.

3. They will receive a daily digest everyday that a training has gone past the due date and they are now "Non-compliant" on that training.

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